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15 Ways to take a stand against Monsanto and avoid GMO foods

Only purchase corn and soy products that are labeled as either organic or GMO-free.

Write or call companies and ask them if they use GM products. The more companies hear that consumers are unwilling to buy products with genetically modified ingredients, the more they will seek out conventional food ingredients.

  1. Ask your local supermarket to carry more non-GMO products. Give them specific brands to make it easier for them to meet your needs and follow through.  When the Worthington Walmart stopped carrying organic tofu, I asked the manager of the produce department to bring it back.  The next week, it was back on the shelves.

  2. Rent Food Inc. and invite some friends over to view it.  The award-winning documentary does an excellent job of illustrating how Monsanto operates and why it matters.  Also check out the film’s 10 Simple things you can do to change our food system.

  3. Visit the Minnesota-based Organic Consumers Association’s Millions Against Monsanto and educate yourself about the issues.

  4. Sign the Millions Against Monsanto petition.

  5. Limit your consumption of fast food and factory farm meats and eggs, all of which are huge consumers of GM corn feeds (not to mention lots of other health and environmental hazards).

  6. Consume whole foods and cook from scratch. GMO ingredients are in an estimated 80% of grocery store products.

  7. Grow an organic garden.

  8. Shop at farmers’ markets and health food stores like the St. Peter Food Co-op.

  9. Write or call your legislators and tell them you want GM foods to be labeled and new GM crops restricted.

  10. Speak out when Monsanto buys off organizations like NPR with false PR campaigns.

  11. Follow Millions Against Monsanto on Facebook to stay current on GM news.

  12. Follow the Organic and Non-GMO Report on Facebook for more GM news or visit them online.

  13. Speak out against GM foods and forward information to friends and family.

These are just a few of the ways we can make a difference.

Remember, we have a voice in so many ways. We have a voice when we purchase sustainably grown foods, when we support companies that value farmers and the environment, when we vote, when we plant a garden or tell a neighbor why this matters.

Together, when we band together with other people who care about these issues, we have a very loud voice.

Let’s make it heard.

Written by Alicia Bayer


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