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5ml Young Living Lemongrass Essential Oil Giveaway

Lemongrass is one of my go to herbs. It has so many uses. This is good because it grows very well in NW Florida and I always have more than my share, so I share. It has a powerful and uplifting aroma. known to aide in digestion. And has been used for cleansing. Throughout time it has been used for, inflammation, as a sedative and for fevers as well as digestion. Research had shown that lemongrass inhibits the growth of MRSA.

Lemongrass promotes awareness and purification.


Air purification, Antifungal, antibacterial, anti-cancerous, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory, Bladder infection, carpal tunnel, cataracts, cholesterol, cooking, digestion, fever, fluid retention, gastritis, Grave;s disease, Hashimoto’s disease, hypertension, hyperthyroidism, inflammation, lymphatic flow, muscular dystrophy, paralysis, parasites, respiratory/sinus infection, tea, torn ligaments/muscles, varicose veins, salmonella, sedative, candida, and so much more….

Since I love this herb SOOOOOO much and it is on sale till the end of the month, I bought a few bottles and I’m anxious to share it…..

I’m giving away a FREE 5ml bottle of Young Living Lemongrass Essential Oil. Word to the wise. Use caution, this is a HOT oil and it MUST be diluted for most applications. I love this oil a little bit goes a loooooooong way.

It maybe Hippie Funkalicious, but I do love to diffuse patchouli with a hint of lemongrass.

Deadline Midnight Monday February 5, 2018

Enter to win a FREE bottle of Young Living Lemongrass Essential Oil.

If you are already a subscriber simply fill in the contact form below with name, email, website and leave me a comment and I will enter your name in the drawing.

No Purchase Necessary. Must be 18 to enter. US Residents only.

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