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Be a Hero to the Children of the Gulf Coast

We need an army of people to SHARE THIS VIDEO with the world:

Gulf Coast Children Experiencing Health Challenges

We are asking that from today until the close of work hours Monday, you share in every avenue that you can think of: Blog It, Tweet It, Facebook It, Put in on Media Walls, Put it on celebrity walls, Put in on local, state and federal politicians walls Put it on BP sites, Email it to not-for-profit groups, friends, allies, colleagues. Call somebody, Write about it PLEASE POST IN CONJUNCTION WITH THIS PETITION asking for a congressional hearing concerning those who health has been affected by the toxic chemicals used on the spill: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/hold-a-congressional-hearing-concerning-the-continuing-health-affects-from-the-bp-deep-water-oil/ WE NEED THIS PASTED EVERYWHERE, it is ok to duplicate.. this is about making an internet fueled ruckus! Listen, if it was your child, the same child that you held in your arms since their first day on this Earth, the same child that you nursed, loved, taught, carried, adored, and you had to deal with the fact that a foreign corporation, with the help of your very own country, had literally poisoned them, what would you do? How loud would you scream? How hard would you fight for justice on their behalf? Stand up and be counted as a hero to the children of the Gulf Coast. Otherwise, we are no better than those who profit from their suffering. We are asking you to search your heart, and commit your voice and hands to these babies. Please send this to the media, to politicians, put it on your blog.. we need it everywhere. We recommend leanweb.org to see how you can help further..

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