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BH : Mass. Die-off (fishes) / North-America / Canada BH : Mass. Die-off (fishes) / North-America / C

BH : Mass. Die-off (fishes) / North-America / Canada [0:0]

Posted: 25 Jul 2012 08:14 PM PDT

EDIS Number: BH-20120726-35933-CAN Date / time: 26/07/2012 03:13:30 [UTC] Event: Biological Hazard Name of Hazard: Mass. Die-off (fishes) Area: North-America Country: Canada State/County: Province of Prince Edward Island

Description: Watershed groups on P.E.I .are wading through rivers and streams Wednesday, checking to see if there are any dead fish. Parts of the Island got heavy rain Tuesday night and there's concern about sediment that could have run into streams. Fred Cheverie, head of the Souris Watershed group, said about 75 millimetres of rain fell in that area. “So we're just out checking the streams ... the water's pretty high in most of all the streams,” Cheverie said. "Everything looks good so far, we haven't encountered anything. We hit some crucial zones so things are looking pretty good. We definitely have some red water. Some siltation in the water all right but everything's no problem so far." Other watershed groups and environment officials are also checking streams.

Not confirmed information!


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