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Black Sand on Pensacola Beach, Dec, 2012

Published on Dec 10, 2012

DEC 9, 2012 – Some would like to argue that this black stuff is peat deposits, due to beach erosion. But without test, we can’t say that this is the case. Especially after going through eight years of photos and video that I had collected before the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Disaster, and not finding one photo showing the Pensacola Beach shoreline splattered black like what’s pictured in this video.

Our beach has looked like this, off and on, for over a year now. There are some places along the shoreline that look worse than others, and this past Sunday walk-out #27, not only was it streaked heavy in black, but there was also evidence of Corexit floating in the Gulf. Can’t say for sure, because we didn’t collect any water to sample. And testing is very expensive. Still, it is highly suspicious and characteristic of toxic oil dispersant known as Corexit. Considering that it was recently reported that the Macondo site of the Deepwater Horizon platform is still leaking oil, it’s not such a far-fetched assumption either.

See: www.youtube.com/user/OnWingsOfCare1

And after seeing fish kills all along the Gulf Coast this past June, I discovered the first week of July that there was an issue in Louisiana at the same time. There was evidence of Corexit being sprayed in the same quantities as what was used during the Deepwater Horizon spill, according to the Plaquemaines Parish President (Louisiana).

For more information, visit: http://wo-menhead.blogspot.com

When we went to the beach this past Sunday, it wasn’t to document the oil disaster. We wanted to kick it and have fun. I would love to believe that everything is on the up and up. But the longer I sat there on the beach and watched the shoreline turn blacker and blacker, the more angrier I became. I truly feel I have no choice but to say . . . “this is wrong!”

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