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BP Oil Spill Contaminants in Livestock Feed?

And “despite these concerns, bottom-feeding fish like mullet are currently being caught and eaten all over the Gulf, with the potential risk not being limited to direct human consumption of the fish, but indirectly by mullet being fed to hogs.” This has the potential to end on our plates.

I am no longer eating any seafood, no matter where it comes from.  In protest of our faux regulations and lax safety standards.

And I won’t feed it to my animals.  Just in case you aren’t aware just because you buy the beef kitty vittles doesn’t mean there is no seafood product in it.  Look twice at the back of the label.  Most of it contains some form of fish.

Where else will it end up?  Did you know that toothpaste has oystershell in it?

For more details read the full article on truthout.


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