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BP Uses Corexit Told the EPA to Stuff It

COREXIT is Eating Through Boats in the Gulf

Uploaded by WalKnDude002 on Jun 27, 2010

COREXIT is Eating Through Boats in the Gulf http://www.youtube.com/user/o0Levitikuz0o Corexit has started eating through boats in the Gulf . . . BP told the EPA "to stuff it" over the use of Corexit, which was found to be 4 times more toxic than the oil itself. BP is also in control of the U.S. Coast Guard which has threatened reporters with arrest that have gotten to close. Music Produced by: 2Deep – Just Another Day This video is for educational and news purposes only, which is protected under sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law. Kid with oil stuck on her Destin Beach Fl June 23rd 2010 Oil Rain Louisiana River Ridge Bp CNN almost all exxon valdez cleanup crew dead Kindra Arnesen Venice LA Needs to Evacuate BP Spill Environmnetal Disaster Fishing Industry health risks Chemical in South Carolina corexit dispersant toxic blocking blocks media access new orleans

#CorporatePersonhood #DispersantsampCorexit #EcoSystem #DEPEPAFDANOAAUSDAUSGS #GulfofMexicoGOM #GulfCoast #EnivironmentalConcern #Toxic #Pollution

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