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Buying Politician’s Pollution is a Perplexing Problem

I attended the Weeks Bay, AL, Gulf Gathering and had the please of brainstorming with some of the most wonderful intelligent caring minds along the Gulf of Mexico.

I believe there were over 200 organizations and non-profit organizations in attendance to learn about the effects of oil spill pollution along the Gulf of Mexico Coastline and the effects it’s having on plants, animals and the people that live in these areas.

These groups are devoted to SAVING OUR GULF COAST and it’s inhabitants.  People from all faiths and walks of life were in attendance.

We split into brainstorming groups and devised a several plans that we made into one master plan in order to achieve our goals.

#WeeksBay #EcoSystem #GulfofMexicoGOM #GulfCoast #EnivironmentalConcern #Restoration #Toxic #Pollution

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