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Buying & Selling Water For Profit Violates Inherent Right to Nature’s Gift

Thanks, however, to the World Bank, which is actually just the operative arm of the largest U.S. banks and whose policies can bring down governments — c.f. Italy and Greece in the past few months alone — the commons argument is quickly dying. Most Americans, being inhabitants of a nation which does not generally have these worries, are unaware of this.

Beginning about 20 years ago, it dawned on the bankers and some major corporations that if oil was a lucrative commodity water would be even more so. Everyone had to have water, even if they rode bicycles to work or took public transit. The trick was how to take it away from the people and sell it back to them.

Read the entire article to see how we are being robbed.

Public Utility, Private Profit: Privatization of Water Is as Benign as Lucifer


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