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California, Dandy, Clementine’s, Wal-Mart

These California Sweet Clementine’s were spotted at Wal-Mart in Ensley, FL.

They are covered in spots, complete with discoloration and bruises.

The label says California Mandarins Product of U.S.A. Did you know that all U.S. Citrus is on Quarantine?

There is some kind of Citrus Epidemic going on that seems to have rapidly progressed into a Citrus Nightmare after the BP oil spill brought toxic rain inland.  Now all the Citrus are turning up Yucky!

‎January ‎27, ‎2012, ‏‎10:25:00 PM

#California #Florida #Citrus #GulfCoast #Fruit #Clementines #EnivironmentalConcern #Mandarin #Pollution #PostSpill

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