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Choosing a pillow ~ Dreamy!

“Bedding coated with chemicals and toxins could be taxing your body during the exact same time that it should be resting and healing itself. Mattresses and sheets are just one component of the solution, but the humble pillow might be where you want to start making a change. Consider an organic pillow for starters.”

“Choosing the right organic pillow doesn’t have to be a headache if you follow these simple tips. Dreamy!”

Many Thanks to earth911 for the Organic Pillow 411!


We updated our pillows not last August with Organic Buckwheat.  It’s heavy & noisier at first, WAY different from the poly foam we’ve had in the past.  I find that you kinda have to smush it around around your head or into the position you want. Kinda like an old down pillow but heavier.  It’s nice that they are organic and refillable.  It did take some getting used to, but overall we do love them!

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