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Citrus Press

Last week I was watching this guy talk about cleansing with Citrus and Essential Oils.

The next thing I know somehow randomly a day later I was trading Essential Oils for a brand new Juice Press.  So Stoked!  I couldn’t have even imagined having one.

This recipe is KILLER!  But not for WIMPS and I would skip the oils with a child.  There are some HOT oils in this that may burn/tingle your lips but only for a few seconds and boy does it cut through some crud!

So after you press 10 pounds of citrus there is one heaping pile of rinds.

Rather than compost and distribute in the Yarden, I decided to dehydrate them in the oven for a few hours.  I tried to dehydrate them whole but they would not dry evenly, so I sliced them as thin as possible and they turned out just like citrus cracklins. YUM!

I will be adding them to some of my future recipes.

Oh man, the whole house smelled so awesome all weekend.

Even fully dried the uplifting scent of citrus makes me smile.

Got any good ideas on how to use them besides tea and bath salt soaks?

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