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Close the Garden Gate!

This year in particular I found myself in the best garden I’ve ever had in my life. I have a garden all year long every year. I have been collecting and caring for plants for as long as I can remember. Before the spill I was in my yard everyday. Sometimes all day or into the night.

And then came BP’s infam

The next day we both woke up with an extreme soar throats. This persisted and eventually I had all kinds of horrible symptoms. I ended up in the E.R. and then I split town to detox. I then traveled 13 hours 45 minutes / 859.67 miles to Edmond, OK .

I had heard reports of crop damage in Mississippi, well I saw it along the way. Miles of corn with white powdery soot look stuff and rows upon rows of crunchy dead trees. I also observed that after I got to Shreveport, LA things started to look green and lush again.


WKRG.com News Mobile, Al and Pensacola, FL has been asking some questions and they were alarmed at their results about the sand and ocean water.

The people of Louisiana were suspicious so they tested their rain water. “The rain water contained heavy metals, chlorides, sulfates, coliform bacteria and this time we also found volatile organic compounds (VOC) that according to our lab “must be coming from the petroleum oil and it means that the air is contaminated too”.” Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana Rain Water Lab Results

But wait! A family in Homossassa, FL started getting sick so they tested their pool water. And the chemical marker for Corexit came up in their pool. 50.3ppm 2-Butoxyethenol.

I’m sad to say it’s not safe to eat out of our gardens this year, walk on the lawn barefoot or play in the rain. It hurts my feelings so bad I just had to share. Sad, Sad, Treehugger:-(


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