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Dead Trees in Oklahoma City

Aside from who I think might be to blame for all the damage and destruction to our environment, I’m wondering how many people realize how much the loss of so many plants across the nation will

mean to our future.

This is wide spread, from my home in Cantonment, FL, to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas & Oklahoma as far as I have seen. Some of what I saw were crops that we eat. Dead with soot on them. I’m hearing reports of plant/tree damage from as much as 3/4 of the USA.

They provide us oxygen, filters and shade. Not to mention all the critters that need them.

Without them we could potentially face warmer temperatures. And much wilder destructive weather. The rise in temperatures could cost us not only in the in the way of ill health effects but right down to our pocket books. The more demand for energy to cool our houses the more the cost.

If anyone has anymore information on this. I’d love to hear about it. Heather Share

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