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DixeyLand's Dream Big Goal, Phase 2, Winter Wellness & More!

Happy Birthday to all my Colorful Fellow Libras!!


You guys ROCK, we did it!

Thank you to some very special contributors for helping us meet our phase 1 goal.

And on my birthday, does it get any better?

Onward and upward! PHASE 2! We are steadily gaining momentum and interest in this outrageous idea to make the world a better place through arts and education.

YoungLiving.Rocks “Winter Wellness” meeting Oct. 12, 2-4, contact me for more details.

Welcome OCTOBER! We are determined to make you GREAT!

We are so pleased to announce that we were gifted a course to become a CERTIFIED life coach! So exciting! Courses start Oct. 7.

We are so blessed to have such special community of family and friends.

Thank You for helping us make this vision a reality.

Take a second and sign up for our newsletter at www.dixeyland.rocks and please share!

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