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DixeyLand's New Website & Upcoming Changes

Welcome to our NEW website, blog, & online shop! We still have the old ones but hope to be phasing all of it out for a more streamline approach on our new website.

For those of you who have never visited us @ DixeyLand before, WELCOME! Please take a look around and stay a while. Grab a cup of java and put your feet up, we don't mind!

DixeyLand is an eclectic assortment of all that makes up nature and wellness. You never know what we might be up to, but we like to keep it real.

Soon you will be able to purchase items from our new shop. We are working furiously toward opening a Wellness Studio and General Store. All proceeds will be put toward our Dream Big Wellness Studio Campaign.

Also we are adding the ability to book classes on website both in person and online. We will still have our regularly schedule monthly meetings.

We are so excited about our transformation of DixeyLand. Awesome stuff is happening at DixeyLand! Stayed tuned for more healing vibrations comin at cha!

Sending Love,


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