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Dolphins die of Oil or Cold?

The audacity to say that these animals died of the cold proves that they think most locals of the Gulf and the entire rest of the nation are blubbering idiots. 

History has proven time and time again that oil spills and dispersants kill living creatures, including humans. 

This is a well funded campaign of lies.  Each dead creature is worth X amount of dollars.  Rest assured in order to limit their fines they will do anything possible to hide the evidence and deny all accusations of truth.  More things will die following the dolphins especially since our environment has been tainted further with dispersants. 

(Mobile Bay, Mobile, AL 3-27-11)

The foliage along the coast has taken a huge hit, but it’s not cute like Flipper so many people do not seem to notice, though it is vital for oxygen and survival.

Dolphins and humans are very similar in nature.  Only time will tell what happens to we as humans??  History and science don’t paint a very pretty picture of the things to come.

"These animals have the ability to move away from cold. They don’t stay around in cold water," said Moby Solangi, director of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport, Mississippi.

Read more here What caused dolphin deaths – oil spill or cold snap?

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