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Earthship Workshop, Columbia, LEARN TO LIVE OFF THE GRID

This workshop aims to teach ANYONE willing to learn how to build a self sufficienthouse and experience a new kind of human settlement on Earth.

Living a life changing experience has never been so easy with EARTHSHIP BIOTECTURE, as the company can now welcome you on a new training site near Capurgana on the Caribbean sea in Colombia, to teach you how to build an Earthship in just 4 weeks: From May 15th to June 9th 2017 Michael Reynolds and his crew will be able to offer one of the best training in green architecture and independent housing in the World.

This workshop will also count as “field study” if you wish to graduate from the Earthship Academy. We would be happy to welcome you, email outreach@earthship.com for more information or to register. Looking forward to hear from you,

Earthship biotecture

by Earthship

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