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Florida’s Jeff Miller’s Newsletter January 30, 2011

Miller Newsletter January 30, 2011

Three weeks ago a new Congress was sworn in, and, immediately, the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives began to fundamentally change the way the House works.  We adopted a House rules package requiring all legislation to cite Constitutional authority.  This rules package also requires that legislation be publicly available for at least three days before voting on it.  Additionally, we changed budget enforcement rules to ensure limited government and fiscal responsibility prevails over wasteful spending. In the Republican Pledge to America, we promised to repeal and replace the job-killing health care package passed in the 111th Congress.  The ObamaCare package was a 2,800 page monstrosity that imposed unconstitutional mandates on our citizens.  This bill increased economic uncertainty and infringed upon our individual liberties without effectively reducing the cost of health care.  H.R. 2, one of the first bills introduced and passed in the 112th Congress, repealed ObamaCare with a simple two-page bill.  By itself, repealing ObamaCare will save $2.6 trillion over ten years, or $22,643 per household.  Republicans, however, also pledged to replace the flawed health care package with one that will provide solutions to our health care challenges without hindering our economic prosperity.  This is why we followed our repeal vote with a vote on H.Res. 9, which instructed the Committee on Education and the Workforce, the Committee on Energy and Commerce, the Committee on the Judiciary, and the Committee on Ways and Means to draft and report legislation to improve our nation’s health care system. By allowing multiple committees to devote the proper time to this task, we will ensure that any proposal for a new health care law will eliminate job-killing regulations; lower premiums through increased competition and choice; preserve a patient’s ability to keep their own health plan; provide people with pre-existing conditions access to affordable coverage; reform the medical liability system to reduce wasteful defensive medicine; increase the number of insured Americans; protect the doctor-patient relationship; provide states with greater flexibility to administer Medicaid programs; expand incentives to encourage personal responsibility; prohibit taxpayer funding of abortions; provide protections for health care providers who choose not to provide abortions; and eliminate duplicative programs to ensure the American people are not forced to shoulder an increased tax burden.  Most importantly, House Republicans have pledged to keep government out of the exam room.  We listened to the American people calling for Washington to focus on spending cuts and job creation. We immediately cut Congress’s budget by five percent, banned earmarks, and adopted a resolution reducing non-defense discretionary spending to Fiscal Year 2008 levels or less, a time before the costly and ineffective stimulus and bailouts caused our deficit to skyrocket even further.  House Republicans also voted to end the taxpayer funding of presidential election campaigns and party conventions, saving the American taxpayers $617 million, as well as ending the wasteful mandatory printing of bills, saving $35 million.  All of this occurred in just a few short weeks, and this is just the beginning of our efforts to eliminate wasteful spending.  We represent you, the American people, and every member of the new Republican House majority understands that it is our duty to change the untenable deficit spending we saw in the 110th and 111th Congress.  Thomas Jefferson once said, “In matters of style swim with the current, in matters of principle stand like a rock.”  We will continue to stand for conservative principles that ensure the continued prosperity of our great nation and restore the reputation of this historic institution that we are so privileged to serve. 

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