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Fracking’s risks are too great. Keep fracking out of New York

Gov. Cuomo: Fracking’s risks, from poisoned water and earthquakes to explosions, are too great. Keep fracking out of New York.

This week, more than fifty homes were evacuated because of a blowout at a gas well in Wyoming. This blowout comes just weeks after a gas compressor station in Pennsylvania exploded. These incidents aren’t flukes. They’re part of the constant risk of drilling for oil and gas. From poisoned water in Wyoming to earthquakes in Ohio and an explosion in Pennsylvania, it’s clear that fracking is too dangerous for New York. Join us in calling on Governor Cuomo to ban fracking in New York. New York is worth more than the gas under our feet. With dozens of allied groups, we’ll deliver more than 100,000 signatures to Governor Cuomo on May 2nd. Make sure your friends don’t miss out on the chance to keep fracking out of New York.

60843 total signers. This petition has a goal of 50,000 65,000 signatures.

#CorporatePersonhood #Fracking #EcoSystem #NewOrleans #EnivironmentalConcern #GreedampCorruption #AtmosphereAtrisk #Pollution #EnergyPower

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