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Cherokee medicine men used goldenseal to stop the bleeding and prevent infection when treating arrow wounds. They also applied it to inflamed eyes. Ground root was used by warriors to create yellow face paint.

Traditionally used as a digestive tonic, astringent, soar throats, canker soars, eye irritations, minor skin wounds, infection, stop bleeding, and immune system booster.

Goldenseal has the potential to help:

  1. Destroy germs externally and internally

  2. Ease a sore throat

  3. Relieve red, over stressed eyes

  4. Get rid of indigestion

  5. Combat diarrhea caused by microorganisms

Goldenseal is generally considered safe for use. However if your going to be taking it internally it’s a good idea to seek practical advice from a doctor who knows about herbs. Do not take while pregnant (may cause uterus contractions,) or if you have high blood pressure.

Goldenseal tea gargle for soar throats steep 1 teaspoon goldenseal in 8 oz boiling water until slightly warm, the gargle, swish, spit and repeat 1-3 times a day until soar throats is history.

Anybody know any other handy uses for goldenseal?

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