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How to Recycle Old Christmas Lights

How to Recycle Old Christmas Lights

Like most people, we used to just throw those old lights in the trash and eventually they would wind up in the landfill. Many people don’t realize these lights will never break down. When they do finally settle into the earth, they can start to give off hazardous chemicals. Even sadder? Animals can get into them, and it can be fatal. Who knew a dinky strand of burnt out Christmas lights could be so damaging?

So what do we do? Trade up. There are many ways to recycle old Christmas lights and keep them out of landfills or out of critters’ hands. Numerous stores accept Christmas lights for recycling. Home Depot, for example, accepted up to five strings of incandescent lights in November in exchange for a $3 off coupon to buy LED lights. Yes, the holidays are coming to an end. But now is the time to set those old lights aside in a bag so they are ready to be traded in next year.

In addition to Home Depot’s program, here are some other options for those old lights:

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