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How far inland can this stuff travel? I’m not far from the coast.

This picture should say Orange Beach, AL, yes? They aren’t from around here and they are probably tired. This whole mess is exhausting.

Is the sea mist dangerous?

The blood tests are expensive but don’t worry some people have been tested and the results are frightening.

We on the Gulf Coast should assume poisoning and start detox immediately. What’s it gonna hurt?

My vet said he’s seen a ton of animals with vomiting and or diarrhea.

It was found in a pool in Homosassa, FL.

So are the Levels of VOC’s Dangerous? Some are & some of them aren’t. But do keep in mind low levels can accumulate in your body over time.

It’s not safe to swim. Avoid the outdoors before, during & after a rain. The animals at sea are dying. The animals on land are suffering. The bugs are doing strange stuff. The plants are suffering and so on.

We must get some help down here! We need Occupation & Environmental Medical Doctors on the fly!

What about our crops? Our bread basket? Our inheritance? Our time here is on loan to us.

For more information on what all of this means be sure to check out the links provided in the pictures.

Get educated! Get Active! I got SICK from sitting in the Pensacola Beach sand near the pier on June 14, 2010 waiting to see Obama.

Visit Dr. Riki Ott (Marine Toxicologist, Specializing in Oil Spills) Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards


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