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Introducing new Premium Starter Kits in the U.S.!

Introducing new Premium Starter Kits in the U.S.!

Joining the Young Living family is simple, thanks to our stunning Starter Kits! These carefully curated packages seamlessly introduce new members to the only oils on earth backed by a Seed to Seal® quality commitment.

New essential oil Premium Starter Kits (PSKs) in the United States have been overhauled! Beyond a fresh, new design, you’ll find the return of YL favorites Valor® and Peace & Calming®, and we’ve swapped Citrus Fresh™ essential oil blend for Citrus Fresh Vitality™! The kits will also include a 1-ounce Thieves® Waterless Hand Purifier, an additional AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment, an essential oil display tray, and updated educational tools such as the Young Living Lifestyle Booklet to help guide new members on their journey! You won’t find Copaiba essential oil in these updated kits; but with so many new products to explore, Copaiba can wait until the next order.

Young Living PSKs are full of carefully selected products meant to provide a range of aromatic, topical, and dietary experiences for those who are new to essential oils. There’s a diffuser for every style in these PSKs, so getting started is fun and easy! Our brand-new PSKs cost only $5 more than our traditional kits but have more value than ever with all the new updates.

  1. Desert Mist™ and Dewdrop™: $165

  2. Rainstone™: $210

  3. Aria™: $265

We’re also helping streamline your business by encouraging the use of digital distributor agreements. You won’t find a paper version in these new Starter Kits; but for members still interested in maintaining physical copies, they are available to order by 25-pack in Virtual Office.

These updates set the stage for other exciting changes hitting PSKs around the globe later this year, including updates to U.S. Spanish PSKs. There’s so much more to look forward to! Learn more about all the incredible updates by checking out this FAQ and  comparison chart.

You can find these new U.S. PSKs in Virtual Office today!

Contact me for more details.  Heather Dixey #1375075

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