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Just Another Day at the Beach

  Notice how thick the air is? 

You may feel the urge to come down for a vacation after viewing one of those flowery  BP commercials. 

People do not realize that what’s happening to the wild life is also happening within the human population

This is IMMS coming to take statistics and preliminaries on this poor creature whose habitat is under attack by oil and chemicals.

They spray them orange to illuminate the fact that this precious creatures carcass has been accounted for.

At first glance things may seem normal but this occurs often on Gulf Coast beaches. 

What if whatever killed this poor sea turtle can kill you as well? 

We are certain it can cause a myriad of severe life altering health problems.   If you think the seafood is safe you may want to ask this turtle what he thinks?

This may seem like just a sad story about a dead turtle to many.  But to some seeing the magnitude of this is a sign of destruction to lives, the eco-system (we humans are a part of) and the food chain.

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