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Kick off! September’s Young Living Essential Rewards PV promo!

In life, the best defense is a good offense. Whether your goal is to take charge of your health or build your business, September’s Essential Rewards PV promo has what you need to thrive personally and professionally.

Kick off each morning with a daily dose of vitality from MultiGreens™ capsules; then prepare your mind to tackle the day’s challenges with the cool, invigorating aroma of Raven® essential oil blend. To go the extra mile, you’ll also need Inner Defense® in your corner for immunity support.*

With this month’s PV promo, you can make every day a home run!*

MultiGreens, 120 capsules• Cover your bases. Support your glandular, nervous, and circulatory systems with three capsules twice daily of MultiGreens.*• Fuel your hustle. Care for your body with this nutritious chlorophyll blend packed with pure essential oils and super greens.*

Raven, 5 ml • Get your second wind. Inhale Raven to make deep breathing feel easier, whether you’re getting pumped up for your morning workout, calming a fussy child, or clearing life’s daily hurdles.• Ace your bedtime routine! Before you pull up the covers for the night, rub this cool, calming blend of Ravintsara, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Lemon essential oils on your feet.

Inner Defense, 30 softgels• Prevent unnecessary time-outs. Slam dunk your way to a healthy immune system with a softgel a day of Inner Defense.*• Recruit immune system defenders. With Inner Defense on your team, you’ll have the power of Thieves, Oregano, and Thyme on your side.*

KidScents® SniffleEase™, 5 ml • Bench the blocked-nose blues. When your children have stuffy noses, have them breathe in SniffleEase for a refreshing and stimulating scent.• Don’t sweat the sniffles. Add a few drops of SniffleEase to a warm compress and place it on your child’s chest while your little one gets some R & R.

Ginger Vitality™, 5 ml• Try this game-changer! Spice up your cooking game with a drop or two of Ginger Vitality added to your favorite stir-fry, salad dressing, and marinade recipes.• Tea up! Add a splash of Ginger Vitality to your tea to tackle healthy digestive system support.*

DixeyLand is a Community Wellness Studio Garden

Offering classes in painting, jewelry making, art therapy, essential oils, gardening, and eating for health and overall wellness all designed to support you in taking care of and evolving your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We believe in the transformative and healing power of plants. We are deeply grateful to all the Herbal Elders, Wisdom Keepers, and Carriers of Oral Tradition that brought this information to the present moment. WE KNOW IT CAN HEAL THE WORLD, and we will do our best to give it wings..

Currently we are campaigning to build our Dream Wellness Studio Garden and General Store. PLEASE SUPPORT US!

How You Can Help:

Donate today! Every little bit helps! No donation is too big or too small.

Share our campaign with your Friends, Family & on Social Media!

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute now, no worries, but please ask others if they can contribute.... Invite them to support this campaign on Gofundme or at DixeyLand.Rocks.


Sincerely, Heather Dixey

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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