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Knitting Classes and Storytime at Alyssa’s Antique Depot


Can you believe that we are already in to the second week of the New Year!! WOW!! Time is already flying!

We have so many exciting things planned for this year at Alyssa’s! We are ready to tackle the year and make it Fabulous!

We are SO EXCITED to announce that we will have STORYTIME AND CRAFTS on Saturdays at Alyssa’s! We have Ms Kay Farmer, an experienced youth worker who has actually been overseas doing ministry work for the past few months, offering Kids Classes Saturday, 9:30am-10:30am and 11am-12noon for just $8 per child! The one hour time will include Songs, Story time, Games, Nursery Rhymes, Snack and Craft for each week’s different theme. Maximum is 10 kids per class and must be ages 3-10. Classes will be every Saturday and you can pay any day before hand at the front register or over the phone by calling us at 850-994-9114. Pre-registration is suggested as classes will definitely fill up fast! So if you are coming, let us know ahead of time! Yay! Mommy time AND the kids have fun too!

WooHoo! Party Time!! Ladies Night is Saturday January 26th!! There will be special vendors through the store and giveaways of over $1500.00!! Yea! There are still a few spots open for vendors. If you are interested please email us!

Passing along an event outside of Alyssa’s that will be worth checking out! Friends of the Pace Area Library will be having a used book sale on  Feb. 21-23 this year at the Pace United Methodist Church Community Center.

Their selection includes:

Children’s books 50¢ Paperbacks $1.00 XL Paperbacks $2.00 Hardbacks $2.00 Audio-visual 50¢ Magazines 25¢ Series romance 50¢ Specialty items – various

They will also have a Friends bag full of books for $15 during the entire sale, and a plastic bag for $5 after noon on Saturday. There will be many free items.

Thurs., Feb. 21, is for members and educators only (10% off).

Everyone at Alyssa’s is wishing you and your loved ones a Blessed New Year!

Let’s get out there and make it a FANTASTIC 2013!!

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