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Merry Christmas, 5 Blessings, 5 Things I’m Grateful for…

Blessed to be a part of a large beautiful family tree.

Grateful for moments with friends.

Blessed with LOVE that surrounds me and plenty of LOVE to share!

Grateful for those tried and true, they help restore my faith.

Blessed to always have hope at the end of each day.

Grateful for the Family, Friends, Love, Faith, Hope, Wonder, Intelligence, Simplicity and Power to FEED my Spirit.

Blessed with the ability to discover each molecule of each day with wonder.

Grateful for the wisdom that has been shared with me and through me.

Blessed with desire and motivation to keep life simple and easy going.

Grateful for the energy that carries me through each day. Grateful for the power to be and to become.

What are you Blessed with or Grateful for at the close of 2017?

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