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Pennsylvania Nuclear Reactor Shut Down Unexpectedly

Nuclear Event – North-America – USA

Posted: 16 Dec 2012 10:19 AM PST

EDIS Number: NC-20121216-37534-USA Date / time: 16/12/2012 18:18:57 [UTC] Event: Nuclear Event Area: North-America Country: USA State/County: State of Pennsylvania Location: Salem [Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant] Number of Deads: N/A Number of Injured: N/A Number of Infected: N/A Number of Missing: N/A Number of Affected: N/A Number of Evacuated: N/A Damage level: N/A


An energy company says it's trying to figure out why a central Pennsylvania nuclear power plant reactor shut down unexpectedly. PPL Corp. says Unit 2 at the Susquehanna nuclear facility near Berwick shut down early Sunday morning. The company says the reactor is safe and stable. In a statement, Allentown-based PPL says the shutdown occurred during routine testing of a valve on the unit's main turbine system. The company says the plant's other reactor is operating normally.

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