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Pensacola Climate Impacts Day

Pensacola Climate Impacts Day

  1. Saturday, May 5,

  2. 10:00 AM

  3. Plaza De Luna Pensacola, FL 32502

What is Climate Impacts Day? Imagine a day when people gather globally to demonstrate the impacts of global warming, to demand a real recognition of the urgency to act, and to express their anger, fears, hopes and ideas for a better future. On May 5, we will issue a wake up call. We will use our minds, our voices and imagery to connect the dots between the causes, effects, and solutions to the climate crisis. We will gather in union with all those along the Gulf Coast who have dealt with the effects of extreme weather and who face more occurrences of extremes — heat waves, droughts, tornadoes, stronger hurricanes— and the consequences. We will connect the dots between communities and nations across the globe who see their way of life threatened by rising sea levels, record temperatures, floods and wildfires. They need to know that we will act now in solidarity to reverse this crisis. Connect the Dots is a project of 350.org and allies to clearly draw the connection between extreme weather and climate change. Climate Impacts Day will bring together thousands of communities to highlight the dramatic climate change impacts we are witnessing around the world. Ride your bike downtown on May 5. Bikes Plus will conduct bicycle safety checks and light maintenance for those who come on two wheels. We will stand together at Plaza De Luna on the bay front with our climate dots, marking where past storms have surged. We’ll finish the morning with bicyclists and walkers taking a tour of downtown streets. Climate Impacts Day participants include musicians from the Sustainable Concert Series who will add accordion, trombone and drums for emphasis, members of the University of West Florida’s Student Environmental Action Society (SEAS) who will speak about the impact of climate change on today’s young people, and Aaron Smith who will bring his Chevy Volt and speak on the latest alternatives to our gas-guzzling vehicles. We’ll talk about solutions such as bicycles and better infrastructure to accommodate them, green building, and solar energy. We will highlight good things happening in the local area. We’ll extend the conversation to global solutions, by taking a look at the fossil fuel industry and elected officials who block progress in addressing climate change and other environmental problems. For more information on Climate Impacts Day, please visit climatedots.org.

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