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People Who have been Killed by BP


Lisa Nelson has passed away today.

She was exposed to an extremely toxic cocktail of chemicals that bombarded her home in Orange Beach, AL, from the Deepwater Horizon Rig Explosion still rolling in continuously with every crashing wave.  I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful woman three weeks before this video was shot and she didn’t even look like the same person.  When I met her at Everman’s for a detox meeting she shared with us her bruised chest but didn’t sound scratchy and wasn’t swollen at all.  Her life was cut short in a rather rapid manner.

  RIP Lisa Nelson! Thanks BP!

Lisa is not alone there are tons of us and some will follow in her footsteps.   Just like the animals and plants, humans are going to suffer and die.

We have got to get connected and get this information out to the masses, these stories may be able to save some lives.

I’m sure there have been others but I don’t know who they are.  If you have any information, or your loved one has fallen ill or died, I’ll be happy to share your story.

The eleven men who lost their lives April 20, 2010 working on the Deepwater rig when it exploded.  Our lives are forever changed.

My condolences to the families.  This tragic nightmare should have never unfolded.

Karl Kleppinger, 38, of Natchez, Mississippi

Adam Weise, 24, of Yorktown, Texas

Aaron Dale Burkeen, 37, Neshoba County, Mississippi

Donald Clark, 49, Newellton, Louisiana

Roy Kemp, 27, Jonesville, Louisiana

Jason Anderson, of Bay City, Texas,

Stephen Curtis, 39, of Georgetown, Louisiana

Gordon Jones, 28, of Louisiana,

Blair Manuel, 56, of Gonzales, Louisiana

Dewey Revette, 48, from State Line, Mississippi

Shane Roshto, 22, Franklin County, Mississippi.

If anyone has any pictures of these people they are willing to share in honor of their memory, please contact me.

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