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Pine Tree, Black Bark, Balding & Dying

Pine Tree, Black Bark, Balding & Dying, Gulf Breeze, FL

So now I’ve seen trees that were suffering in May of 2011 DEAD by December of 2011.

This is a good example of the stuff I’m seeing by the thousands, maybe even into the hundreds of thousands:-(

This is a Pine Tree in Gulf Breeze, FL. It is black at the bottom, black soot/fungus? up the bark, dropping bark and going bald.

Pine Trees are Evergreens they are not seasonal.  They are FOREVER green! And they don’t loose their whorls until the life span of the whorl is over. Meaning they should NOT be turning burnt orange white black stuff all over their trunks and kicking over dead or going bald and loosing their bark.

I have pictures of this happening to many many different plants and tree species from Oklahoma all along the Gulf Coast and up the East Coast into Maine.


We need our trees to hold our earth together, provide oxygen, water filters and shade.

January 14, 2012, 4:30:41 PM

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