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Radioactive Waste Water Dumped into Rivers

The fracking industry uses over 40 TRILLION gallons of water each year to extract natural gas from the earth.  This water is mixed with over 596 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) pushed down into the earth and comes back up with the gases.  But also seeps back up in the grounds around the areas this is being done.

Waste water from the fracking process is often called flowback water or produce water.  This water contains some of the most dangerous substances known to man.  Often it is put into pits that look like ponds and then sprayed with water until it vaporizes up into our atmosphere causing more damage to our ozone layer.  And what seeps into the ground contaminates everything in the area.  Since Cheney made sure the process of fracking is exempt from the Clean Air and Clean water act, they can do this near streams that provide drinking water and even close to homes.

Now, we are finding out that radioactive materials may be disposed of in our rivers and these may even be our sources of drinking water.

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