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Recycling Gulf Fish into Pet Food

(ORANGE BEACH, Ala.)   Orange Beach may have the first “Clean Marina” in the area and the hope is that it catches on. 

The city and a local marina have figured out what to do with tons of fish carcasses after charter boats bring in the catch. 

“It gotten to where its 50 to 60,000 pounds of carcasses a week and they were going double bagged into a landfill and it just seemed like such a waste,” said Tom Steber, General Manager at Zeke’s Landing. 

It all used to go to the local landfill. 

“You know the disposal of fish carcasses, the legal disposal has been an issue and the illegal disposal has been an issue for us for many years, ” said Phillip West, Environmental Program Manager for the city. 

The city of Orange Beach and Zeke’s Landing, the largest charter boat marina in Alabama, have both been working on the plan for more than eight years. 

“And hopefully that will expand to include more drop off points around town and eventually the entire Gulf Coast I would imagine if this model works out, ” said West. 

The fish carcasses are refrigerated and picked up for processing by a Mississippi company called Protein Products INC. It manufactures pet food. 

“It just makes sense to use it and turn it into pet food. It’s better than turning it into fish food. They need that protein. The cats and the dogs need it. They’ve got to get it somewhere, ” said Steber.

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