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Riddle me this Batman?

So the plants started suffering after the deep water horizon exploded and they sprayed corexit.

The corexit is a pesticide, surfactant, solvent. Which when mixed with oil and warm water becomes upwards of ten times more toxic. This breaks down the oil into tiny molecules that will vaporize. Once the rain started burning my skin and my plants I started asking questions and documenting.

I have now seen the plants in 20 different states and watched some turn ugly just after it rains. I have also had the pleasure of speaking to Dr. Ira Liefer about surveying the atmosphere and they are finding plumes that come down on us in the form of rain. Viola, Red Rain!

I don’t like Dupont either but they are not the only ones at fault. They seem to be the E-P-A’s fall guy for what’s destroying millions of plants and trees. Not only was B-P in charge of the USA’s worst Oil spill but simultaneously they were having the US’s worst chemical release in history in Texas City. It was overshadowed by the oil spill. I’m terribly worried about the plants and animals and insects. I’ve taken some 6,000 images and wonder sometimes if I’m the only one seeing their deaths?

Riddle me this Batman, if it’s Dupont’s Imprelis then why is happening at organic farms?


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