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Sample Letter to Plaintiff’s Steering Committee

To Whom it May Concern:

The proposed settlement with BP doesn’t go nearly far enough to address the health issues that people are suffering from due to the BP oil disaster. People are sick and dying and need immediate medical care, testing, and detox. The chemical test is very expensive and most can’t afford it. The fat in the body must be tested after a certain period of time because the chemicals in a short while move from the blood to the fat. Testing must be a part of this settlement, because otherwise people will not be able to file accurate claims.

In addition, the $100 million for a 5 year health and mental health grant is a drop in the bucket and doesn’t begin to cover the medical and mental health issues arising out of this disaster. We all know these medical and mental health issues, for many, will be with them for life. Lifelong treatment of health issues should be included in this settlement where needed. In addition, the Corexit continues to be sprayed on the still leaking Macondo well site, and so health issues will continue to manifest, as will mental health issues. The 21 year periodic health program needs much more specifics, including testing, and for some, will be needed for life.

We call on BP, as part of this settlement, to provide the funds to establish free clinics all along the coast for testing, treatment and detox. It is the only truly fair settlement, regarding health issues. The Corexit must be stopped as well, and if the settlement can’t bring this about, the Steering Committee should flex its political muscle and help the people of the Gulf coast to get Corexit banned. Otherwise we will continue to see horrible health issues as a result of continued spraying.

We suggest the Steering Committee listen to the people of the Gulf coast and make happen what needs to happen to actually help people navigate their way through this health and mental health crisis.

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