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Sea Foam Smothered Streets Princess Promenade, Algae to Blame

Mystery foam engulfs northern seaside town

Ian Sample, Science Correspondent, guardian.co.uk, Thursday Dec. 29, 2011

Foam blown from sea covering streets and houses of Cleveleys, near Blackpool, is thought to be non-polluted algal matter

A thick white blanket settled gently on the seaside town of Cleveleys near Blackpool on Wednesday, but this was no seasonal dusting of snow from above.

The Environment Agency dispatched officers to Princess Promenade to gather evidence as gobs of foam blew in from the sea and smothered streets, cars and houses.

The foam is whipped up by strong winds once or twice a year along the town’s seafront and vanishes soon after, a spokeswoman for the agency told the Guardian.

Lab tests on samples collected in earlier years have found no signs of pollution. Decomposing algal matter is the prime suspect for the mysterious lather.


Okay, so here’s my question what phenomena is causing the decomposing algal matter all over the planet?

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