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September YoungLiving Essential Rewards Freebies

Reach any of the following PV minimums with your September order and earn these great free products:

300 PV

Retail Value: $183.22

  1. Ortho Sport® Massage Oil: Ortho Sport® Massage Oil combines light, fast-absorbing vegetable oils like fractionated coconut and grapeseed with therapeutic-grade essential oils such as Wintergreen, Peppermint, Thyme, and Oregano that are perfect for a post-workout massage.

  2. 5-ml Northern Lights Black Spruce: Distilled at our Northern Lights Farm, this oil’s rich and woodsy scent creates an invigorating atmosphere in any room and is the perfect complement when you’re stretching before exercising.

  3. 15-ml Wintergreen: Wintergreen possesses a uniquely minty aroma that simply exudes freshness. An indispensable oil in any collection, Wintergreen is known for its signature cooling, deeply tingling sensation.

  4. 5-ml PanAway®: With a proprietary blend of Wintergreen, Clove, and Peppermint essential oils, applying PanAway® after an active day is a soothing and stimulating aromatic experience.

  5. Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 15-ml Oregano: Beloved for its strong, herbaceous fragrance, Oregano is a key essential oil used in the Raindrop Technique®.

250 PV

Retail Value: $137.50

  1. 5-ml Northern Lights Black Spruce

• 15-ml Wintergreen

• 5-ml PanAway®• Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 15-ml Oregano

190 PV

Retail Value: $106.25

  1. 15-ml Wintergreen

• 5-ml PanAway®• Bonus Essential Rewards exclusive: 15-ml Oregano

Contact Me For More Details on How to score each months freebies through the essential rewards program.

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