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Signs, Arby’s, Jasper, AL

These signs were posted in the window of Arby’s in Jasper, Alabama on 3/10/2011.  There is an ongoing argument as to whether or not farm raised fish is any better than wild caught.  Toxic rain and GMO’s could potentially ruin them both as well as the tomatoes.  I found this peculiar because many crops have taken a hit from the nastiness in our atmosphere in the last two years.  There’s been a huge increase in toxins in our atmosphere/rain since the oil spill in the Gulf, Michigan, elsewhere and the Chemical releases in Texas City & beyond.

Under Alabama law, the consumer has the right to know, upon request to the food service establishment, the country of origin of farm-raised fish or wild fish.

Due to record cold temperatures in tomato growing regions, we have stopped using tomatoes on many of our products.

We will return tomatoes to our menu as soon as we are able. 

We apologize for the inconvenience!

Corexit is a surfactant, pesticide, solvent.  What do you think that does to crops?

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