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Sink Hole, Evacuate, 2100 block of North Fourth Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Landslide – North-America – USA

Posted: 01 Jan 2013 07:25 PM PST

EDIS Number: LS-20130102-37696-USA Date / time: 02/01/2013 03:23:47 [UTC] Event: Landslide Area: North-America Country: USA State/County: State of Pennsylvania Location: Harrisburg [North 4th Street] Number of Deads: N/A Number of Injured: N/A Number of Infected: N/A Number of Missing: N/A Number of Affected: N/A Number of Evacuated: N/A Damage level: Moderate


Residents of the 2100 block of North Fourth Street have been asked to evacuate their homes. One sink hole Monday led to a second, larger one, Monday night and the disruption of water, sewer and gas services to the neighborhood. Utility crews have been working at the location of the sinkhole all day. But it was Tuesday afternoon that the city told residents it will be several days before repairs will be finished. The problem began when a trash truck ran over a metal plate on the street and fell into a sink hole. Pamela Lowry, who lives across the street, says none of this would have happened if the city had gone the job right the first time this summer. "We called the city. They came out after a month of phone calls not just from us but other people," Lowry explained. “They did a quick job on it. Put a metal plate over it. Called it a day, I guess." As crews worked to size up the situation on New Year’s Eve, running water further eroded the base of the street and around 11 p.m. a second, much larger hole opened up, magnifying the problem. "The people who live on this block can't wash up or take a bath at all because the water is turned off," commented Amanda Vogel. “And UGI is definitely turned off." Tuesday afternoon Harrisburg’s Director of Communications and the city public works director asked residents to leave because of a prolonged loss of water, sewer and gas. “I'm going to end up taking my family to a hotel or something," stated Richard Mitchell. “This is too much. I'm just trying to find out how long this is going to be." That's one question that has yet to be answered. Officials are only saying several days. Meanwhile, the American Red Cross has opened an emergency shelter at the Pine Street Presbyterian Church downtown. Some who have left are staying with family or friends. Others are looking for motel lodging.


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