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Tell Obama to Dump Taylor and Vilsack!

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Tell Obama to Dump Monsanto’s Minions Before the 2012 Election! President Obama Has Failed to Keep His 2008 Campaign Promises

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On the campaign trail in 2008, Barack Obama promised:

"We’ll tell ConAgra that it’s not the Department of Agribusiness. It’s the Department of Agriculture. We’re going to put the people’s interests ahead of the special interests."

"If I am elected President of the United States, I will support legislation to require the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods."

But, once he was elected, he packed his administration with Monsanto’s men and approved several new genetically engineered crops (sweet corn, ethanol corn, sugar beets, alfalfa, and lawn grass) — without safety testing, without measures to protect organic and non-GMO farmers, or our food supply, from contamination, without regulations to protect human health from increased pesticide use, and without labels to let consumers know what we’re eating.

Monsanto’s men in the Obama Administration include:

  1. Tom Vilsack, USDA Secretary

  2. Michael Taylor, Senior Adviser to the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner on Food Safety

  3. Rajiv Shah, USAID Director

  4. Islam Siddiqui, Chief Agricultural Negotiator for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

Now, in the wake of all his broken promises, President Obama wants our votes again. Please contact his campaign office to let him know that you’re not going to fall for false promises again. If he wants our votes, he’s going to have to get Monsanto’s minions out of his administration! Watch this Food Democracy Now video with a clip of presidential candidate Obama promising to label genetically engineered food:

Take Action Now!

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