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The Different Types of Salt

It’s a simple question really, but since salt is such a huge part of our diet and since it makes our food taste so good, it’s worth answering. If you’re using regular ol’ table salt, you may be surprised to learn that it’s not doing your body any favors:

First, Modern diets of processed food are laden with excess sodium — and sodium is addictive. In fact, table salt has over 90% more sodium chloride than other natural salts. While sodium plays a vital role as an electrolyte in maintaining healthy nerve and muscle function, too much can lead to cardiovascular issues and raise blood pressure. Second, table salt is highly refined and devoid of minerals. Did you know that salt isn’t naturally white? White salt has been refined so that all the minerals, except sodium chloride, are removed — then iodine is added back in. Third, table salt usually contains anti-caking agents and even sugar! (What?? No thanks!). On the other hand, when eating a balanced diet of whole foods, there’s plenty of room to experiment with the amazing different kinds of salt that can really make your cooking shine. Did you know there are over 40 different types of salt?! These mineral-rich salts are NOT your ordinary table salt. To learn about all 5 of our gourmet, mineral-rich salts, go here: The Different Types of Salt

We want to show you how delicious and nutritious REAL salt can be!

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