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They are running with scissors & We in their way!

Along the way I started noticing many familiar plants showing signs of distress. So I started gathering photos of plants from six different states. (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas & Oklahoma) All sharing common damage occurring only since the BP spill.


I was born in Mobile, AL and grew up in Oklahoma City where the oil runs deep and wide. I learned a lot while visiting OKC.

I discovered how really disconnected we really our to our environment.

Most of us have been running on the assumption that we have rights to clean Air, Water and in turn food.


Grass growing along side water should not be dead as a door nail.

They are running with scissors and we are all in their way!

There’s two new Super Corporations that have moved into town in the last few years. They are experiencing some kind of industry boom from the looks of the new building on western and the fact that one of them has the whole downtown area taken apart so they can put in new pipes under the guise of beautification propaganda.

Are you in a RED ZONE? The Hydraulic Fracturing procedure is less than a decade old. They drill 8,000-11,000 feet deep into the shale formation & shoot a toxic mixture of 596 chemicals & water into the earth. This procedure causes a mini earthquake & up comes the oil & natural gas.

Each time they frac they use 1-7 million gallons of water. 40,000,000,000,000 trillion gallons a year.

That is a ton of water and chemicals being shot down into the earth.

And what goes down must come up! This process requires 1,150 truck trips to complete. And then there is the flowback or produced water. This is the toxic sludge that they have left over. It has to be put somewhere so they put it in pits and spray water on it to make it evaporate into the air. I’m sure that doesn’t help the ozone! But the worst part of it all is that there are no laws protecting us. They are exempt from the Clean water & air act. So if they see fit they can drill near our sources of drinking water. This has made people sick. Some can light their faucet water. Animals are loosing weight and hair. The lack of scientific studies boggles the mind.

They have gone on a rampage we are in their way. Scientists have proven that the oil & gas industry produces more emission in Ft. Worth, Texas than all the cars do.

They have no regulation or real records or scientific evidence supporting their industry practices/chemicals are not harmful. And they are protected by law so they can drill near clean water and major aquifers. They have frac’d at such a fast pace that they don’t even know how many wells are out there anymore. Also they are delving into YOUR BLM land. It’s supposed to be protected. But some of it has now been leased to the Oil & Gas Industry for drilling.

If we keep up this haphazard pace at which we are wrecking our environment onshore & off shore we are essentially riding a fast train to a third world country status. ALL ABOARD! Share

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