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Traditions Lost at What Cost?

Crawfish at our local Pensacola, FL, Crawfish Festival.

This is a local event held in a park down by the bay where they bring in Cajun’s from Louisiana to cook Crawfish for us! And man are they HOT! Just like we like ’em.

This is me Heather Dixey. I’ve been eating Mudbugs for as long as I can remember. And if you can’t tell I was really excited to see these two plates before my eyes. I usually have to drive over to the Causeway on Mobile Bay to get them.

I am such a pig. My husband decided they were too HOT after just a few and I devoured most of both of those plates. Each weighing a few pounds. Did I mention they are my FAVORITE! Who needs corn and potatoes when there are crawfish?

But eventually they were gone and we had to go home.

Since being hit with oil & Corexit I’m afraid I’m reflecting back at my last chances to eat Gulf of Mexico Seafood.

In protest of our lame regulations and standards in the USA I will be forced to stop consuming certain things that I love. For fear of contamination. It’s better to cautious than cancer filled or dead. This does not mean living in fear, but educated in how your dollar$ are your vote$.

We need to create jobs by teaching people to learn to regulate laws that are not being enforced. Here’s an idea hire un-employed people and put them to work inspecting our food, crops, water, air & drug industry. So many un-employed people with idle hands.

We cannot only be consumers but we must be consumers with a voice. $peak with your dollar$. And recycle dang it!


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