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Unknown Illness, Wild Africa Trek, Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, FL

EDIS Number: EH-20120728-35962-USA Date / time: 28/07/2012 03:37:55 [UTC] Event: Epidemic Hazard Area: North-America Country: USA State/County: State of Florida Location: [Wild Africa Trek at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom] Number of Deads: N/A Number of Injured: N/A Number of Infected: N/A Number of Missing: N/A Number of Affected: N/A Number of Evacuated: N/A Damage level: N/A


Numerous people have reported contracting an unknown illness after visiting the Wild Africa Trek at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. According to the Orange County, FL Health Department, hundreds of people have been questioned in connection to flu-like symptoms which were first detected in June. People reported experiencing diarrhea, nausea, fatigue and abdominal pain after taking the site’s three-hour tour, which includes hikes, animal sightings and a foot bridge crossing. “The thing we’re trying to get everyone to understand is this is some kind of stomach bug,” said Health Department spokesman Dain Weister. No specific pathogen has been identified. One guest who became ill posted his experience on the DIS boards. He said he became ill within 24 hours and went to the emergency room. Inspectors were sent to Animal Kingdom to examine its food preparation areas. “Two of those inspections showed no problems, no health violations,” Weister said. “The inspection was satisfactory.” Disney officials stated that increased measures have been taken to promote hand-washing and hand sanitizer use. “We are working closely with the Orange County Health Department to review the situation,” said Disney spokeswoman Andrea Finger. No other areas of Disney World have been affected.

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