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MONDAY NIGHT: YL Gold Hannah Shields, Voicing Your PURPOSE


YL Gold Hannah Shields, Voicing Your PURPOSE

Ever have an all-consuming life event that changed the core of who you were? When you go through hard times that tests the strength of every ounce of your being, you wonder “Why is this happening?”.

YL Gold Hannah Shields has had her dreams come true with her Young Living business. She always had a longing to teach and help people, which now she can do while she and her husband raise their 3 boys.

But then the unthinkable happened, her baby boy was diagnosed with Influenza A and she became quickly schooled in her parental rights in relation to the medical system. Hannah and her husband had to fight to have control of what medical procedures were being done to their son and to keep him from being taken from child protective services.

WOWZA right?!?!?

Now that Hannah is on the other side of this, her business has done a 180 into a different direction with a new purpose. She has a story to share about how movements are inspired and how the home should be the safest place for a family!

What you’ll learn:

Working through the urges and feelings of “I want to quit!” when goals aren’t reached.Starting (even if unintentional) and riding the momentum of a movement. AKA: making lemonade out of lemons.Identifying and speaking to your specific ideal audience or if it is best to speak broadly to the masses.Hannah’s new member tool coming out SOON that will empower parents to create a safe home.How to tell your story so that you build a bridge and help others who may be going through a similar experience. JOIN HERE TIME: 5 pm PST, 6 pm MST, 7 pm CST, 8 pm EST Dial: 646-876-9923         PIN: 285623664# Rebroadcasts:  Podcasts on iTunes & SoundCloud Search for Diamond Factory

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