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Vinegar Beauty Recipes

Body & Soul: Herbal Vinegar for Skin and Hair

8 Herbal Vinegar Beauty Recipes:

• Mint-Vinegar Skin Toner • Vin Aigre Bath • Purifying Facial Mask

• After-Bath Splash • Soothing Foot Soak • No-Dandruff Rinse • Hair Softening Rinse • Herbal Vinegar Bath

Beauty Tips: 7 Quick and Easy Ways to Use Herbal Vinegars

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Oldest known fermented foods. Comes from the French vin aigre, which means “sour wine.” It comes from aged sour fruit.

Herbal vinegars are simple to create and a great way to use fresh and dried herbs from your garden. Fill a clean jar with vinegar add your favorite herbs. Sit for two weeks.

The restorative powers of vinegar have been well known since ancient times. Mythology recounts that Helen of Troy took vinegar baths, adding a cup or two to her bathwater to cleanse and soothe her skin. Classic remedy for sunburn, bad breath and dandruff.


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