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Vital Signs of The Gulf of Mexico


While one set of people are concerned for the safety of the food chain.  The tourism department continues to claim that things are great.  Historically after a spill things do not just get better over night.  Now, with the damage to the Dolphins, I hope people will have a second thought before jumping right in.  What’s wrong with erring on the side of caution?

(Pensacola News Journal)

The truth is we really just don’t know the extent of the damage.  But we do know that plenty of animals, plants and people have been affected.

"If any of those species are negatively impacted over the longer term following the oil spill, it has cascading impacts throughout the entire ecosystem; the entire seascape," he said.

It’s easy to imagine that all forms of marine life, up and down the food chain, could be impacted in some way by the oil spill. At Mote Marine they are already conducting a study, starting at the very top.

Read more: http://www.winknews.com/Local-Florida/2011-03-02/Research-may-explain-effects-of-Gulf-oil-spill-on-ecosystem#ixzz1FkiqAGYU

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