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Warning, Toxic, Blue-Green Algae, Pond, South Lake park, Overland Park, Kansas

EDIS Number: BH-20120727-35951-USA Date / time: 27/07/2012 03:25:14 [UTC] Event: Biological Hazard Area: North-America Country: USA State/County: State of Kansas Location: Overland Park [South Lake Park, 7601 W. 86th St] Number of Deads: N/A Number of Injured: N/A Number of Infected: N/A Number of Missing: N/A Number of Affected: N/A Number of Evacuated: N/A Damage level: N/A


Kansas health officials have strengthened their alert about toxic blue-green algae in the pond at South Lake Park, 7601 W. 86th St. City officials said an earlier “advisory” has been upgraded to a “warning,” so people and pets should not drink the water. Any fish caught there should be rinsed with clean water, and only the filet portion should be eaten. Pets should not eat dried algae, and people and animals should be rinsed with clean water if they come in contact with lake water.


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