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Wasted Funds on Frivolous Crap, Lure Tourists to Gulf Coast

Instead of wasting money on Tourism they should have been paying for restoration of habitats for creatures, people and plants that live along the Gulf Coast.  So many things are suffering down here now, but you’ll never hear about the health effects on the lame stream media.  Come on down, we’ll fix you up nicely with a case of the BP crud and send you home with a nice souvenir rash to remember us by.

“In all, BP has given $150 million to Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi for tourism promotion since the oil spill, with the Sunshine State getting the lion’s share — $62 million.

In the case of the more-recent payout, Florida Panhandle counties have allocated more than $23 million of the $30 million through September, with $13.5 million used on for television, digital, radio and print advertising. The counties have also spent millions on a variety of attention-grabbing gimmicks, The Associated Press found through public records requests and interviews.” http://news.yahoo.com/bp-money-buys-sports-towels-xmas-lights-jingles-153801877.html

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